Ozone Therapy

Quicker Healing Times. Cleaner root canals, and better deep pocket therapy.


Ozone Therapy

Quicker Healing Times. Cleaner root canals, and better deep pocket therapy.


Ozone Therapy

Did you know that along with bacteria in your mouth you have other pathogens such as fungus, viruses and parasites that contribute to decay and infection? Did you also know our office has introduced a very effective and safe agent that can kill ALL pathogens upon contact? Ozone Therapy is extremely powerful and has an impressive safety record. This unique technique has been around for decades and used widely in Europe. In more recent years the US has recognized the benefits and approved the use of ozone in dental offices nationwide.

Ozone kills pathogens by causing their cells to rupture and die. Not only can Ozone Therapy safely eliminate pathogens, it is able to improve wound healing and speed up bone regeneration.

Ozone Therapy facilitates the restoration of overall health by improving the delivery of oxygen to tissue and bone.

In addition, Ozone is used for preventative treatments. These include the recalcification of tooth structure. That’s right, Ozone Therapy can actually harden existing tooth structure. This can be especially helpful to sensitive teeth.

We are very excited and proud to offer Ozone Therapy in our office and know you will be just as excited as you see how Ozone Therapy improves your oral health.

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