Dental Implants

Strong, predictable, and beautiful. Let’s explore your options.


Dental Implants

Strong, predictable, and beautiful. Let’s explore your options.

Dental Implants Kihei Wailea Maui

Dental implants are a fantastic option for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants will restore function and beauty to your smile. An implant keeps a one tooth problem a one tooth solution. By replacing a missing tooth with an implant we eliminate the need to involve healthy neighboring teeth with a dental bridge. Dental implants also provide retention and stability for loose dentures. No more messy adhesive. Dental implants restore confidence in speaking, eating, and laughing.

Surgical Guide

Dr. Thomas uses a surgical guide to place your dental implant. This eliminates the guesswork out of your surgery.

3D imaging screenshot
3D imaging screenshot

Implant Consultation

The first step in restoring your smile with dental implants is to schedule a dental implant consultation at our office. During your consultation we will provide you a clear, customized outline of your dental implant treatment solution, estimated cost, financing options, and the time required for your procedure. We listen and answer any questions you might have regarding this procedure.

What To Expect

When placing implants, Dr. Thomas utilizes an advanced 3D digital scan. This image gives us critical information specific to your unique anatomy and ensures accurate placement of your implant. Using the 3D imaging, a precision milled surgical guide is fabricated that fits onto adjacent teeth. The metal sleeves have been planned and designed at the precise angulation and height to ensure our implant ends up where we have virtually planned it to be. This eliminates the guesswork out of dental implant surgery. And guesswork is the last thing you want when having a surgery!

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