3D Dental Imaging

Seeing more means better treatment options for you!


3D Dental Imaging

Seeing more means better treatment options for you!


Less "wait and see" and a healthier you.

3D Imaging technology is an awesome addition to our office! We have the ability to see more which means greater safety and security for our patients. 3D imaging means less “wait and see what happens” and more solution based treatment. Catching a tooth infection before the pain arrives makes for better weekends for everyone.

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More Solution Based Treatment

3D imaging (CBCT) is a valuable tool Dr. Thomas uses to visualize what’s going on in ways no traditional x-ray can. With a better perspective on the area in question, we can confidently recommend treatment that will fix the problem.

More Thorough Exams

3D imaging helps with oral cancer screenings, precise evaluation of existing root canals,finding root fractures, screening for sinus issues, and evaluating bone quality and quantity for dental implant placement.

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Cutting Edge Implant Placement

3D integrated dental implant placement is the most modern approach to dental implant surgery. It allows us to be extremely accurate, reduces appointments and reduces your time in the dental chair. This minimally invasive approach also allows for quicker healing time and decreased post-operative discomfort. Technology truly does make dentistry better and more comfortable.

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